i added the land contours.  i have to say i think i finally found an inking brush that i really like.  finally.

the contours really add a lot of definition to the map and i can only imagine how it will pop when i ink them in, as well as get some vegetation laid in.

the river, i think, is going to give me fits…


steadily onward

laid down the shadows and highlights on the buildings tonight, as well as the roads. tried to pretty up the river a bit and i’m not really sure how to get the representation of the current in there.  everything thing i’ve tried so far just doesn’t sit right with me so that is still on the drawing board.  and i added a fishing weir on the down river side…


some great progress tonight!

i think i got a ton done tonight! yesterday was game day, so no time to map at all. today was a work day but i was thinking about my next steps all day so i was able to hit the ground running when i was ready to get to it.

i blocked in the buildings, the river, and the roads.  i also added a cliff to the bow in the river and a bridge crossing.

next up will be ground detail as well as some vegetation…