steadily onward

laid down the shadows and highlights on the buildings tonight, as well as the roads. tried to pretty up the river a bit and i’m not really sure how to get the representation of the current in there.  everything thing i’ve tried so far just doesn’t sit right with me so that is still on the drawing board.  and i added a fishing weir on the down river side…



some great progress tonight!

i think i got a ton done tonight! yesterday was game day, so no time to map at all. today was a work day but i was thinking about my next steps all day so i was able to hit the ground running when i was ready to get to it.

i blocked in the buildings, the river, and the roads.  i also added a cliff to the bow in the river and a bridge crossing.

next up will be ground detail as well as some vegetation…


branching out a bit and really challenging myself, thanks to Venatus

inspired by Venatus Maps, whose style is closest to what i’m looking to do, i’ve decided to map out a village.  he provides the .PSD files if you support his Patreon so i am able to pick apart his maps and see how exactly he gets these wonderful maps down.  the first and surprising, thing i learned is that he is not using layer effects at all.  i mean none.  this is very encouraging to me that he can get such a clean and deep look with no “help”.

i’m hoping this really helps me develop my skill set.  i know that this first map will look very similar to his, but i think that this is necessary as i learn.  i should be able to branch out once i get the techniques down…

here is what i have so far, the rough layout and where i started blocking in.  the fields are pretty much done and are in the style of the line art i want to apply to the rest of the map.



finished crypt, with a grid and without

finished up with this one.  i added the royal casket along with his honor guards.  i was going for a marble look for the dais and the casket covers for the guard and i think it came out ok.

as the result of the poll i ran, i will include a gridded and non-gridded version of the map.

i also made a first attempt to add a signature on the map. i feel that this will be a work in progress…


i ran a poll and got some interesting results, and i refined the map

i ran this poll on the twitter and i have to say i was a little surprised at the results:


i can’t believe how evenly this came out!  i will from here on out have two versions of all of my battle maps, one with a grid and one without. no big deal for me and if it makes more people more likely to use my maps then so be it.

taking some advice from the Cartographers Guild, i changed some of the aspects of the map.


i redesigned the floor layout to conform to a grid and i replaced the coffins with bodies wrapped in burial shrouds.  i have to say i think this is a much nicer look…

a little progress tonight

not really on fire tonight, i was able to get a little done tonight.  i was able to get the floor in, as well as the coffins in the alcoves and the grid.

i also messed around a bit with a representation of the hallway to show that the alcoves are stacked three high.  not really sure about this one, i will refine it somewhat.  if it works out i may transfer the entire map to a somewhat larger canvas and add other little representations of other areas of the crypt.  this may be a nice opportunity to flex my little art muscles…

royal_crypt_second draft