branching out a bit and really challenging myself, thanks to Venatus

inspired by Venatus Maps, whose style is closest to what i’m looking to do, i’ve decided to map out a village.  he provides the .PSD files if you support his Patreon so i am able to pick apart his maps and see how exactly he gets these wonderful maps down.  the first and surprising, thing i learned is that he is not using layer effects at all.  i mean none.  this is very encouraging to me that he can get such a clean and deep look with no “help”.

i’m hoping this really helps me develop my skill set.  i know that this first map will look very similar to his, but i think that this is necessary as i learn.  i should be able to branch out once i get the techniques down…

here is what i have so far, the rough layout and where i started blocking in.  the fields are pretty much done and are in the style of the line art i want to apply to the rest of the map.




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