the only way to improve is to actually do something!

i am often at a loss as to what i need to do for a couple of reasons.  the first would be i’m really unsure of what i want to get out into photoshop, and the second would be a little bit of depression.  the uncertainty i’m sure is related to the depression, and i really struggle with it, some days more than others.

with that said, i really need to just open photoshop and get something going. in that spirit here is what i started cooking up tonight.  no real story here, just a three-floor keep with a cellar that is much more than it seems.  are the attached caverns a hideout for a smuggling ring?  or is it a warren of caves housing a were-rat gang that terrorizes the local populace?  i’m just going to let this take me where it will….and that old school graph paper!!three story keep w_cellar


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