the goblin kennels

i’ve had this idea kicking around for a while and finally starting getting it down.  i’m messing with keeping things in a simpler style this time and i’m not really stressing out about making it realistic at all.  although i’m really digging it, i can’t help but feel like i’m ripping off Dyson Logos just a bit.  he kind of made this simple black and white style his thing and i’m really having a difficult time coming up with my own. i really get bogged down with this and it really prevents me from getting anything done.  the struggle is real, for me at least.  any help here would be appreciated…

the thought behind this map is that this is a kennel for the wolves that the goblins ride into battle.  there is the main kennel area and the ramp leads down a 10′ drop ramp into an otyugh pit where all of the waste from the resident wolves is dumped.  on the east side of the area is a cliff that has an observation area for the leaders of the tribe and VIP’s to assess the current pack.  i like the idea of the secluded area across the underground river, but i’m not sure as of yet how it will tie in nor what it’s purpose will be.



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