getting back on the horse!

so i have been neglecting the whole reason for beginning this thing in the first place, which was becoming more proficient at creating maps for RPG’s.  i have been trying to improve my overall artistic abilities on an exclusive basis.  while i am achieving a bit of success there, i really need to keep up on the mapping front.  with that in mind, i received the reward for one of the (many) Kickstarters that i have backed.  this one is the excellent adventure supplement from the Limitless Adventures team called Limitless Adventures vol 1.  this thing is full of encounters, big and small, that are perfect to drop into any fantasy RPG.

i have realized that this thing is just the inspiration i needed to get back to basics!  i will be creating maps that are suitable for the described encounters, and for general encounters as well.  i am quite a bit rusty Photoshop-wise, so it’ll take a little while to get back up to snuff.

i also realized that i need to step it up a bit and create some borders and a signature for any maps i make going forward….


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