heading off in a new direction today

so, i think i may have gotten myself into a bit of trouble by thinking that i just might want to be able to draw something a little more artistic than a map.  i have always wanted to be able to whip out a rendition of my characters as well as of those of the rest of my group.  trouble is that i can barely play a legible game of hangman!

thusly i begin the journey with my first step.  i am going to be focusing on developing some drawing skills in order to accomplish this.  it’s not going to be easy, i can see this already, but it is something that i desperately want to be able to do.

i have many books, many pencils, and many erasers.  i plan to use them all.

for anyone else looking to embark on a similar journey, especially for those with little to no ability, i recommend checking out Shoo Rayner’s YouTube channel.  he provides a solid starting location to begin the arduous task of learning to draw.

now, when i say beginning to draw i mean just that.  BEGINNING.  like, start with a straight line.  i’m realistic enough to know that i’m light years away from creating anything that will pass for a character.

i will be posting all of my progress here, warts and all.  i welcome any and all C+C!  hopefully, it won’t be toooo long before i have something on paper that i won’t be too embarrassed to share….

i will still continue to turn out some maps, especially as my DM requires them.


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