a huge step and a new project!

after being a long time lurker on the The Cartographers Guild, i finally decided to take the plunge and join up.  after joining up i discovered the monthly “lite” mapping challenge!  this challenge is for those whose skills may may not be up to the usual high quality standards of those experienced cartographers who usually enter the regular monthly challenge.  i suffer from a severe case of distraction.  i just can’t seem to focus when i need to and before you know it, i’m four hours into Youtube and another night has slipped away.  i really need someone or something to keep me on pace, and i’m thinking that this is just the ticket.

with that said, i’m entering this months contest.  the theme is “map an arena”.  kicking ideas around i arrived at what i think is a good idea.  a dwarven fight club.

this fight club can serve a number of purposes: an illegal underground fighting ring, an area to handle trials by combat, a gladitorial arena, or an execution area.

this is the mock up:dwarven fight club

the area to the west is the holding area for the creatures (or prisoners) that are going to be “performing” in the arena.  the tunnel heading north from this area heads to the Underdark.  this is where the dwarves get the participants for the games.  regular raiding parties head out from here to collect specimens to keep in the cells.

on the east side, these rooms serve as living quarters for the regular fighters.

the deadline for entry is 9/14, wish me luck!!!


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