some practice tonight…

with no real idea for a map to lay out, i might as well get some practice in tonight!  following the excellent Jon Roberts tutorial here, i think this mountain range came out pretty nicely.

making sure you have your brush opacity set correctly on the proper layer seems to be the key here, as you want to build up successive layers of color while preserving the other layers.

mountain practice


6 thoughts on “some practice tonight…

  1. Is it hard to transition from drawing on paper to using software to create your maps? I know a little bit of Photoshop but until now I’ve only drawn on paper.


    1. I’d have to say it’s not too difficult. The hardest part is using a tablet. At first you think it’s a mouse equivalent, but quickly learn that the cursor moves in a much slower fashion as the tablet surface represents the entire screen you are working on. Also getting the concept of layers down is key. Like anything else it just takes repetition and practice. As far as photoshop goes, once you get a few key concepts down, you should be able to crank out some reasonable work.

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      1. Is it possible to do a part of the work on paper and then scan it to finish details using software? I really like drawing on paper but I know details are hard to be done without software.


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