after a long hiatus, i’m back at it

so this summer has really consumed my time.  there has been much fishing, hiking, geocaching, walking, and range time.  however, i feel it is high time i got back to the business of drawing maps.  i am not currently running a game, so i will proceed with a pet project of mine: mapping the U series of modules.  these are my favorite old school modules, so why not?

here we have the beginning of the mock up of the ground floor of the haunted manor house.  just a quick job to get a feel for the house.  i don’t have all of the wall features in yet, like the fireplaces or the stove.  not to mention all of the stairs…or windows….or furniture… i’m not really sure yet how i’m going to do the walls but we have to start somewhere!


here is the original:

ground floor original


and here is my mock up so far:saltmarsh house_sketch



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