In the beginning

  • In the beginning…..(all done in Dundjinni, circa 2011)
    • This is the first example of my mapping prowess.  It’s a simple jail , I’m pretty sure I followed a tutorial for this one.
    • An exterior  map, battle mat style.
    • Yet another exterior battle mat.
    • A campsite battle mat.
    • An abandoned cellar.
    • More ambitious, a tavern.
    • You can some pretty passable results using Dundjinni and they have a very good user forum.  Here’s a mage tower:
    • A cavern complex.
    • A medium sized dungeon, DM copy.
  • About this time I was wanting something a little more “better” looking.  The Dundjinni maps are perfectly serviceable, but I was ready for something more and I purchased Campaign Cartographer.
    • If I recall correctly this is my first “quality” (used loosely here) effort from CC, a tavern.  It’s a CAD based program so difficult to wrap your head around.
    • You can also do a lot of different things using CC if you buy the Annuals.  These are sets of different mapping styles that come out at a rate of one a month.
      • Here is a coat of arms I made for another player’s PC,a Paladin.
    • A pretty simple dungeon.
    • A remake of the medium sized dungeon from the earlier Dundjinni example.
    • I tried for some “ruined” looking walls here.  Not easy to do with CC…
    • Got fancy here and put three areas on one page.
    • A larger complex.
    • I do like how this one came out.  The steps are pretty defined.
    • The built in effects really let you “soften” what you draw.  The water looks pretty cool here.
    • One of the reasons I want to move away from this platform is because you are really limited with the larger maps.  The rendering engine in CC really leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion.  If you zoom in on this one, the pixelating is horrible.
    • A nice, small crypt for the first session I ever DM’d.
  • Not limited to just floor plans, CC does wonderful overland style and city maps.
    • Daggerfalls from the Forgotten Realms.
    • One of my favorites, a vicinity map of Loudwater (Realms again…).
    • The Moonshae Isles (notice a pattern here?).
    • A regional map of Waterdeep.
    • Here’s The High Forest.
    • My favorite map using CC.  This is made using the Jon Robert’s city style.  I followed the tutorial pretty closely so it looks very much like his example.  Love it nonetheless.
    • And finally a map done in possibly my favorite style.  An isometric complex.

So there it is, a brief run through of my limited abilities.  My hope is that eventually I will be free-handing maps like these.


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