Finished Nolzur’s spiders

Here they are, all finished and sprayed with lacquer. These are fun to paint, and not too difficult at all to get done. Next up will be the Umber Hulk…


Time to paint!

Thankfully, there are many different areas of our hobby in which to be creative. Mini painting is something that I have long had a strong desire to become very proficient at and now that I’m able to have a dedicated space in which to work it’s time to scratch that itch. I’ll be starting simple and working my way up.

First up, it’s the spiders from Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures line…


i’m trying out a new technique for coloring my map: flatting.  this is used by comic book colorists and it looks like it may be the way to go.  so i’m slogging through some tutorial vids by professional colorists in the hopes that this will be another tool to add to my meager arsenal.

time to get going on an old pet project, U1 the sinister secret of saltmarsh

after a couple weeks of being mostly unplugged (much needed) i think it might be time to revisit something that i’ve wanted to do for quite a while now: map out the module U1 the sinister secret of saltmarsh.  this is one of my all time favorite modules!

i think that my meager skills have progressed enough now that i can tackle this one.  here is the start:

U1 mansion ground floor_1